Sunday, January 06, 2008

2007 Round Up

Meme taken fron Chrisknits.


1) The Quickest Knit Item of 2007

The plain beanies for D&T. Not super exciting but super quick.

2) The Slowest Knit Item of 2007

Either the purple pullover because I have barely touched it and really dont think I want to OR Shedir with all those travelling cables.

3) The Funnest Knit Item of 2007

Gretel is my favourite.

Enough challenge to make me think, but small enough that I don't get bored or frustrated and shove it in a corner before finishing.

Gretel also has the bonus of being incredibly pretty.

4) The Stupidest Knit Item of 2007 (Maybe something you shouldn't have tried)

I don't think I have one........ if I did it was something that was so stupid I never got past swatching.

Oh wait! Yes I do.
Knitting the country silk jumper in a scarily bright pink was probably the stupidest thing.
I doubted my colour choice yet I still kept knitting.

Lesson: Listen to that little voice that is telling you it is ugly.

5) The Best Received Knit Item of 2007 (A much appreciated item you knit for someone else)


Miss B's Nanna is a fantastic knitwear receipitant.

6) The Worst Knit Item of 2007 aka The "one thing I will never knit again, even upon penalty of death" Item of 2007

I am not sure what to pick knitwise but I am dreading seaming Miss B's Black Black Black.

Oh wait. I really don't like the bright pink country silk jumper very much.
It's nice and warm, but the colour...........Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Remind me that I don't usually use certain colours for a reason.

7) The Best Knit Item of 2007 aka The "I could knit this over and over again" Item of 2007

Gretel and Wicked are both in this category and I have plans to make more of each.

2007 Knits

* Rosedale United

* Gretel for Nanna

* Madder Ribbed Sock

* Grey Beanie For D

* Blue Beanie For T

* Crochet wash cloth

* Ribby Pulli

* Patonyle Sock

* Pink Striped Scarf

* Pink Striped Beanie

* Blue Striped Beanie

* Socks for Sisters

* Adore Socks

* Wicked

* Beret

* Miss B's Newsboy Cap

* Roll Neck Jumper

* Mittens for Me

* News Boy Cap

* Irish Hiking Scarf

* Mittens

* Grey Beanie

* Green Beainie

* Dashings

* My So Called Scarf

* Super Sneaky Socks

* Knee Warmers

* Central Park Hoodie

* Beanie

* Fetchings for Nanna

* Urban Aran

* Patonyle Socks

* Thuja Socks

* Magic Stripes Socks

* Shedir

* Happy Feet

* Green Fetchings

* Rolling Thunder

6 Jumpers

11 Pairs of socks

12 Hats

5 Mittens/ Mitts/ handwarmer thingys

1 Knee warmers

1 dishcloth.


amanda j said...

What a busy knitting year! I wonder what 08 will bring?

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

You are making me wonder what I got through in 07, because I don't remember much... other than rainbows!
Yay for 08 and a blank canvas!

Chrisknits said...

I gotta work on my "jumper" knitting. I am fine when it comes to pint sized sweaters!

Life's little stuff said...

'And a partridge in a pear tree'. Sorry just had to sing that after reading all the things you've made. That's awesome! I can barely remember what's been knitted in this house but it's definitely not that much. I am seriously impressed!!
cheers Tina