Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Boss is mean.

On Sunday, Miss B, C and I spent the afternoon in Hahndorf ( a totaly touristy German village in the Adelaide Hills) where they sell gorgeous Alpaca yarn.
Amongst rolled eyes from Miss B and glares from C I bought myself 10 balls of alpaca yarn and spent a fortune in the process.

Monday morning I of course tell my friend all about the weekends stash enhancement and cringe at the expense.
Monday night she tells her husband who also happens to be my boss.

Tuesday morning the boss decides to be Cruel funny and send another coworker to torment me.

Coworker comes up to me and starts asking about yarn, saying alpaca isn't anything special is it? It's pretty cheap stuff isn't it???
I ask why.
She says Oh I just sold some on the weekend for 50cents a ball.
I just looked at her and told her to run..... run very fast.

A bit later on the Boss comes out giggling like a little kid, very amuzed with himself.
Cheeky bugger kept giggling all day.

It's ok Mr Boss person, I may just forget your Turkish Delight addiction next Easter and give you a ball of alpaca instead.


Sharon said...

DH and I spent some time in Handhorf while on our honeymoon it is a great little place and we have promised ourselves a trip back there when the kids are 'grown up'.

metal and knit said...

alpaca that cheap ain the true stuff how many people try to pass thing off as it and there is no way in hell it is. I can amaze every1 how it is real and what is fake.