Monday, May 29, 2006

Quick pics _ trade swap possibilities

It seems Wednesday is to be our swap meet here in Adelaide.
So of course I have been raiding the stash and trying to decide what can be sold or traded and what I really really have to keep. Shhhhhhh about the stuff I am too embarrassed to admit I own.

Cleckheaton Fabfur 2 balls
I made Miss B a hat from this once, she loved it so much I went and bought more, then of course never got around to making another. I still have part of a ball from the first hat left .

Cleckheaton Taboo 3 balls Grey
I think I was thinking a scarf for this and then decided it was too dark for what I wanted.

Panda Finesse 10 balls

Enough to make a jumper/cardi

I like red...... but on other people.

For some reason I still buy it every now and again, I just don't ever wear it.

There is probably more if I dig around but I haven't totaly decided what I am ready to part with.

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