Saturday, May 20, 2006

Startitis hits

It seems the more homework and assignments I have to do the less settled I am and the less I stick to any one thing.
This results in little or no progress on current wip's and the start of a couple of new ones.

A green varigated hat......... really not sure if I like how it is knitting up but I loved the colours in the ball.

Evelyn A. Clark's Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style, got to love the library for that one.
I seem to be doing ok on this one after mixing it up a bit in the beginning.
Lets just say I found it is possible to do a yarn over wrongly. So the first repeat doesn't have the lacy little holes it is meant to. So far I am pretty happy with it.

Rogue has just been sitting there waiting for me to attatch another ball of yarn.

Stripey socks have a heel so they might end up finished soonish.

I think I need to start using progress bars for my assignments although it would probably scare me too much. Most of them are at the " have books" stage and not much further.

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Donna said...

I never get startitis. I never start knitting until the housework and the sewing work is done and up to date. I never buy yarn until I'm ready to cast on, and therefore, I have no stash to mock me and cause startitis.
Can you hear my hysterical giggling yet? ;)