Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Love and hate

Central Park Hoodie now has a back and two fronts. Still need some sleeves but I am loving how it is knitting up. I am having to force myself to put it down and actually do some work.

My assignment is just hanging about and not moving very fast. Some how it just doesn't seem to be coming together this time. A week ago I thought I pretty much had it all together and just had to type it up. Now as I go to type it I keep finding myself taking more and more parts out and it hasn't left me with much to work with.
Just to top it off I am feeling all crappy like I'm coming down with a cold and my brain isn't making any sense of what I am reading.

Deadline is looming so I am thinking at least half of what I took out is going to have to get thrown back in, re worded, juggled, shaken about, stirred anda crazy miracle has to occur for it to actually work out.

30 minute presentation ......... 30 minutes of standing in front of people having them all look at you crazily while you stand there and pretend you know what you are on about.

Anyone want to swap places???

Offer only open to people who spend their days knitting and drinking cups of tea :)


2paw said...

OK, that would be ME then!! I would love to swap. Truly, a captive audience and my propensity to talk and I can talk endlessly about almost any topic and sound knowledgeable...Oh what's that?? The Labradors won't let me go!! They will pine!!!
I love the Errol CardiFlynn( I've renamed mine!!!) CPH too!!!!

Jessica said...

LOL You can swap for sure, I'll even let you bring the labradors.

Sharon said...

At the moment that would be me also as the kids are on holidays and we are relaxing which of course to me is knitting and drinking cups of tea and coffee ;)

All the best with your talk though, come to think of it I hate being the centre of attention so I don't think we could swap.

Michelle said...

what sort of assignment and presentation?? hehehe :)

sue said...

I love the pink opal that you ordered. I have to order that same yarn to make my sister a cabled jumper from Classic Style called Peace, and that is the color that she chose. It looks nice on your screen, and I did my CPH in dusty blue from BWM too.