Monday, September 04, 2006

Spam that isn't spam

Oooops..... I nearly ignored a readers e mail thinking it was spam.......... then me being me just had to open it even if it did contain yet another virus.

C has got my computer going enough that I can get on line but will be reformatting it later. Hence why I still have no nero installed and no camera software and lots of other little things I would normally have on my computer but haven't bothered because he is only going to take them all off again and then re install them and blah. All too hard.

Anyway the e mail didn't have a virus......... yay!!!

It did have a request ....... one of which I am not totally sure of the answer.

Is there any store in Australia that sells tortoiseshell needles?

Are they even manufactured anymore?

And am I right in thinking we really only get them in secondhand stores? ( thats the only place I have seen them, well the only place that will let me buy them, everyone else wants to keep theirs :) )

Let me know as I may have responded with incorrect answers totally due to ignorance.

Anyways I am feeling way behind and kind of lost without being able to post pictures.

All this talk about tortoiseshell needles reminds me of the stitch markers Sharon sent me as a thankyou for the needles I sent her. The markers are made by Sharon and are beautiful. See I need my camera software. Perhaps this post can be my reminder of all the things I need pics of.

I need a pic of the craft room for Kimberly......... I'm not sure about the whole room but maybe the yarn corner :)

I need a pic of the Central Park Hoodie. Knitted in Bendigo rustic, Bluestone. ( scroll down through the posts and there is a pic of the colour somewhere)

It's up to the armholes on the back piece, ready to start decreasing, but some things you just got to leave alone when you have people talking to you and making sure you will loose count. Especially when said people start counting 2, 5, 8,15, 66 have you lost count yet???
I know, I only had a few stitches to decrease and probably could have done it but I figured I would enjoy it more if I left it till today.

What else... oh yeah I forgot to tell you about the spinning wheel that jumped out at me and insisted I take it home.

Yeah, a spinning wheel that I have absolutely no idea how to use, what the bits are called or if it even works properly. Total crazyness. What can I say? It was cheap :)

Luckily Tigers can come over and take a peek and then tell me exactly how crazy I am.


Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Hi, I've opted out of the shadows of lurkerdom, 'coz I love finding Aussie knitblogs!
As for needles, I don't know about tortoiseshell, but the Swallow Timbergrain needles are the right colours - those lovely casein ones. I bought some at Tapestry Craft, some from the Wool shack, and have seen them other places too..
Hope your computer reincarnates beautifully for you very soon, I want to see pics of the Central Park Hoodie in progress!
Kate under-down-under

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Glad you liked my stash :) Not bad for only 4 yrs or so of real enthusiasm, ifI do say so myself, esp since nearest YS was 60km away... But not anymore! Yay for moving to the (slightly) Big Smoke!
And chocolate+tea is definitely the cocktail of choice in my house ;>

Sharon said...

Tortoiseshell needles are no longer manufactured but as Kate knits a bit mentions the Swallow timbergrain are as close to the original that you can buy.

They are available from quite a few local on line stores.

Don't tell me there is another Tortoiseshell devotee out there!!