Monday, September 18, 2006

Never ending sleeve

I always think sleeves are smaller than they actually are, so when I actually knit them I can never figure out why they take so long. Maybe it's just because they get bigger and bigger and I prefer to knit things that get smaller like socks and beanies.
I am still stuck on the first sleeve.

I have to admit I might have got past the first sleeve if I didn't decide I feel odd with no socks on the needles and start a pair. I am calling them Distraction socks, they are in Heirloom Heatherwood shade 581. A bluey torquisey colour.

The presentation is done. I'm not sure how as it was only the day before it was due that I only had one page of scribble. On the actual day I had pages and pages of typed notes, handouts for the class, synopsis for the teacher and managed to keep it together and not run away.

Now I just have to get it together and put together a sensible sounding essay. Nah. Lets just forget all about it till next week when it's actually due. No idea why but this seems to be how I work best.
I'm not going to argue with it, especially if it means I get to knit for another day or two.

Speaking of knitting, how much do you love it when a friend says "Lets go to the yarn shop."
How much more do you love it when this friend is a non knitter????(Yes I am trying to convert her. Give me time.)
That's what happened on Friday and of course some yarn came home with me. The Heirloom Heatherwood and some Merino and Fur. 30% Possum Fur 70% Merino.


2paw said...

Vive la Knitting Revolution!!!
Glad the seminar thingy went well!!
I am the sleeve opposite!! I always think that sleeves are bigger then they are so they're a pleasant surprise!!!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

UGH. I agree with you on the sleeves being too long. Your post reminded me that I must finish Sir Paul's sweater. :)

Lynne said...

Sleeves are funny things and seem to go on forever, and then suddenly the shaping happens and voila! they are done!
You are like me - a last minute person. Real work only gets done at the last minute. I gave a talk last week and was still fixing up slides 15 minutes before it began.

Sharon said...

Sleeves are like that for me too, which is why I now knit them at the same time. I hated it when I finished one and still had to make another.

What a great friend.