Friday, September 08, 2006

When yarn is nice

I am loving the Bendigo yarn. I loved how I got most of the back of the central park hoodie out of one ball of yarn. Great big ball of yarn that seemed to just go on and on and on. I was begining to think it wouldn't ever run out at one point.

Just as well I love the yarn so much as more arrived today. Another ball of the blue rustic just in case and 6 balls of classic aran magnolia for my Mum.

The central park hoodie is so much fun to knit I am having to hide it from myself to get any homework done. I have another presentation due this week and of course all I want to do is knit. Then again when don't I??? I always want to do something else, rather than what I am meant to be doing.

So the back is done and most of the left front. I have to frog about ten rows because I was having too much fun and just kept going. Suddenly it seemed a bit long and I checked the pattern. and then measured. Oooops. Oh well at least it's only a little bit. Perhaps I am unintentionally dragging the knitting out just to avoid the sewing up part.

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2paw said...

I'm feeling exactly the same way about the Bendigo Harmony!! I can't stop knitting Pretty in Lime to start the CPH!! I have needles now so I shall definitely start tonight..maybe!!! When I was at work still I used to use kniting or reading or whatever as a treat: mark 10 books and then tou can read for a while!! I am still the same!! Tidy or do a load of washing.. then knit for a while!!