Thursday, September 21, 2006

One sleeve, two sleeve

Well not quite, one is done and the other is started so at least the first one finally ended.

Miss B was in a performance at the Festival Theatre on Monday night. Part of the "Festival of Music" which is held each year and consisted of students from 13 different schools all singing together. Each school practices alone all year and then all get together for only two rehersals together before the final performance.
I have to say I was impressed with the performances the children gave and the way it all came together.
On the night I also bumped into my neice , Miss J, who was also singing. Neither Miss B nor Miss J had realised the other was involved. I'm glad I did manage to bump into her as her mum hadn't been able to come and watch her. At least she knew someone was there in the audience watching. Funny how things turn out.

I really should go and attack this other sleeve, but I'm tired. Maybe I'll just go and hunt down some chocolate instead.

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