Saturday, September 02, 2006

What the???

After being all impatient and skitting about all over the place this week I finally get to Friday 1st September where I can cast on for the Central Park Hoodie. The knit that I have been trying so hard to not cast on for...... and what do I do? I spend the day rearranging furniture and don't knit a stitch. Not even the cast on row.

At least now my craft room actually looks like a room and I have room on the desk to actually write on paper and do some homework. Damn maybe that wasn't such a good move.

Why is it that to move furniture about you have to move 3 other pieces of furniture to get one thing where you want it???

Oh and you have to empty everything first so it's not so heavy. I don't mind that bit too much, it's having to put it all never seems to go back how it was.

Time for a cup of tea and some casting on....


2paw said...

How contrary!!! Thta is always the way though isn't it. wool hasn't arrived. The lovely ebay lady in the UK posted it with some other wool and once parcel arrived and the other one didn't. She is sending me another lot of wool. How kind is that??? So I am whiling away my time waiting. You HAVE to start so I can see what it's like!!!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your craft room. Unless you managed to pile your books in way of the camera's path. :P

Sharon said...

I did start on the 1st but later in the day as I had to finish something else which ended up being a complete waste of time, more about that later.

I am so looking forward to seeing your version of CPH.

2paw said...

Thank sock is my only friend..I live a sad and lonely life!!!!!