Thursday, September 28, 2006


Eeeek!!! I misread the hood decrease instructions so I now have a very pointy hood. OOOOPs. All that nice grafting has to be frogged and about ten rows need to be ripped back and redone. Hopefully I'll get to it tonight.

Essay was at 1004 words yesterday morning and by 9:30 last night was all done 1957 + referencing bringing it up to the 2000 words needed. Got to love referencing when the brain simply refuses to come up with any more words. Well no , the brain thought of lots of words, just none that were polite or even remotely related to the essay topic. Blah it's not actually that many words......... it's putting them in some kind of order that makes coherent sense that is the problem. And never being happy with what I have written and re written and blah. But for now it is as done as it is ever going to be and that will have to do.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hoods and things

I nearly didn't make the Central Park Hoodie because when I first saw it I didn't like the seam running down the centre of the hood.

Introduce the magic of grafting and there is no seam.


Just got to pick up way to many stitches for the band eeeeeeeeeeeek!

Distraction socks are all done........... pity the essay they were distracting me from isn't.

Focus on books....... hide yarn............. eat chocolate.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ohhhhhhhhh Looky

After reading instead of studying as usual I read Angela's blog and wow, she has some socks. Nothing like seeing a pile of someone elses knitted socks to make you want to start another pair.

I sat and watched some CSI last night and now have the hood started on the Cenral Park Hoodie. I am loving how this is all coming together. I just want to spend all day on it........

The weather has been crappy as I thought, but my mindset on it has changed. I decided to to not worry about blocking and trying to get things dry and have instead been enjoying listening to the rain hitting the roof most of last night and this morning. Doesn't make for good sleep but is a great sound to knit to.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Sleeves all done!!

I have no idea why but that second sleeve seemed quicker than the first one?? Anyway now I have to put it down so I can actually do some work and try and get an essay written.

Of course all I want to do is put all these peices together and knit the hood and finish.

The weather is all crappy and probably going to be wet all weekend so blocking the peices is going to be fun....

Ok OK back to the pile of books and papers.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

One sleeve, two sleeve

Well not quite, one is done and the other is started so at least the first one finally ended.

Miss B was in a performance at the Festival Theatre on Monday night. Part of the "Festival of Music" which is held each year and consisted of students from 13 different schools all singing together. Each school practices alone all year and then all get together for only two rehersals together before the final performance.
I have to say I was impressed with the performances the children gave and the way it all came together.
On the night I also bumped into my neice , Miss J, who was also singing. Neither Miss B nor Miss J had realised the other was involved. I'm glad I did manage to bump into her as her mum hadn't been able to come and watch her. At least she knew someone was there in the audience watching. Funny how things turn out.

I really should go and attack this other sleeve, but I'm tired. Maybe I'll just go and hunt down some chocolate instead.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Never ending sleeve

I always think sleeves are smaller than they actually are, so when I actually knit them I can never figure out why they take so long. Maybe it's just because they get bigger and bigger and I prefer to knit things that get smaller like socks and beanies.
I am still stuck on the first sleeve.

I have to admit I might have got past the first sleeve if I didn't decide I feel odd with no socks on the needles and start a pair. I am calling them Distraction socks, they are in Heirloom Heatherwood shade 581. A bluey torquisey colour.

The presentation is done. I'm not sure how as it was only the day before it was due that I only had one page of scribble. On the actual day I had pages and pages of typed notes, handouts for the class, synopsis for the teacher and managed to keep it together and not run away.

Now I just have to get it together and put together a sensible sounding essay. Nah. Lets just forget all about it till next week when it's actually due. No idea why but this seems to be how I work best.
I'm not going to argue with it, especially if it means I get to knit for another day or two.

Speaking of knitting, how much do you love it when a friend says "Lets go to the yarn shop."
How much more do you love it when this friend is a non knitter????(Yes I am trying to convert her. Give me time.)
That's what happened on Friday and of course some yarn came home with me. The Heirloom Heatherwood and some Merino and Fur. 30% Possum Fur 70% Merino.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Love and hate

Central Park Hoodie now has a back and two fronts. Still need some sleeves but I am loving how it is knitting up. I am having to force myself to put it down and actually do some work.

My assignment is just hanging about and not moving very fast. Some how it just doesn't seem to be coming together this time. A week ago I thought I pretty much had it all together and just had to type it up. Now as I go to type it I keep finding myself taking more and more parts out and it hasn't left me with much to work with.
Just to top it off I am feeling all crappy like I'm coming down with a cold and my brain isn't making any sense of what I am reading.

Deadline is looming so I am thinking at least half of what I took out is going to have to get thrown back in, re worded, juggled, shaken about, stirred anda crazy miracle has to occur for it to actually work out.

30 minute presentation ......... 30 minutes of standing in front of people having them all look at you crazily while you stand there and pretend you know what you are on about.

Anyone want to swap places???

Offer only open to people who spend their days knitting and drinking cups of tea :)

Friday, September 08, 2006

When yarn is nice

I am loving the Bendigo yarn. I loved how I got most of the back of the central park hoodie out of one ball of yarn. Great big ball of yarn that seemed to just go on and on and on. I was begining to think it wouldn't ever run out at one point.

Just as well I love the yarn so much as more arrived today. Another ball of the blue rustic just in case and 6 balls of classic aran magnolia for my Mum.

The central park hoodie is so much fun to knit I am having to hide it from myself to get any homework done. I have another presentation due this week and of course all I want to do is knit. Then again when don't I??? I always want to do something else, rather than what I am meant to be doing.

So the back is done and most of the left front. I have to frog about ten rows because I was having too much fun and just kept going. Suddenly it seemed a bit long and I checked the pattern. and then measured. Oooops. Oh well at least it's only a little bit. Perhaps I am unintentionally dragging the knitting out just to avoid the sewing up part.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Spam that isn't spam

Oooops..... I nearly ignored a readers e mail thinking it was spam.......... then me being me just had to open it even if it did contain yet another virus.

C has got my computer going enough that I can get on line but will be reformatting it later. Hence why I still have no nero installed and no camera software and lots of other little things I would normally have on my computer but haven't bothered because he is only going to take them all off again and then re install them and blah. All too hard.

Anyway the e mail didn't have a virus......... yay!!!

It did have a request ....... one of which I am not totally sure of the answer.

Is there any store in Australia that sells tortoiseshell needles?

Are they even manufactured anymore?

And am I right in thinking we really only get them in secondhand stores? ( thats the only place I have seen them, well the only place that will let me buy them, everyone else wants to keep theirs :) )

Let me know as I may have responded with incorrect answers totally due to ignorance.

Anyways I am feeling way behind and kind of lost without being able to post pictures.

All this talk about tortoiseshell needles reminds me of the stitch markers Sharon sent me as a thankyou for the needles I sent her. The markers are made by Sharon and are beautiful. See I need my camera software. Perhaps this post can be my reminder of all the things I need pics of.

I need a pic of the craft room for Kimberly......... I'm not sure about the whole room but maybe the yarn corner :)

I need a pic of the Central Park Hoodie. Knitted in Bendigo rustic, Bluestone. ( scroll down through the posts and there is a pic of the colour somewhere)

It's up to the armholes on the back piece, ready to start decreasing, but some things you just got to leave alone when you have people talking to you and making sure you will loose count. Especially when said people start counting 2, 5, 8,15, 66 have you lost count yet???
I know, I only had a few stitches to decrease and probably could have done it but I figured I would enjoy it more if I left it till today.

What else... oh yeah I forgot to tell you about the spinning wheel that jumped out at me and insisted I take it home.

Yeah, a spinning wheel that I have absolutely no idea how to use, what the bits are called or if it even works properly. Total crazyness. What can I say? It was cheap :)

Luckily Tigers can come over and take a peek and then tell me exactly how crazy I am.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

What the???

After being all impatient and skitting about all over the place this week I finally get to Friday 1st September where I can cast on for the Central Park Hoodie. The knit that I have been trying so hard to not cast on for...... and what do I do? I spend the day rearranging furniture and don't knit a stitch. Not even the cast on row.

At least now my craft room actually looks like a room and I have room on the desk to actually write on paper and do some homework. Damn maybe that wasn't such a good move.

Why is it that to move furniture about you have to move 3 other pieces of furniture to get one thing where you want it???

Oh and you have to empty everything first so it's not so heavy. I don't mind that bit too much, it's having to put it all never seems to go back how it was.

Time for a cup of tea and some casting on....