Friday, February 17, 2006

Blogging and blogging

I have been blogging this week.

I know you can't see it. Neither can I.
Blogger keeps eating it.
Or not adding my pictures.

Apart from that I have my mail working again :)

Rachael sent me two more stitch markers that were meant to be sent with the others. YAY I love stitch markers. ( They still don't make me magically able to count but they look pretty)

Donna got her Zhivago. I was beginning to wonder if her postie person is a knitter and ran off with it. I was having visions of the postie leaning up against the mail box knitting a row before dropping of any letters.

Tiger has a cat that looks pretty similar to my Lucy, except her cat is helpful and tries to do the dishes for her.

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Sharon said...

Some people are having problems with Blogger at the moment, I had a whole couple of days where I could not read any blogs by Blogger?!?!