Thursday, February 16, 2006

A jumper, some socks and a cat.

The Cleckheaton Gusto Blue Jumper.

I made this about two years ago, before I started reading blogs and knowing anything much about knitting other than plain and purl.

It is the first jumper I ever finished. I didn't swatch, I tied knots ( I didn't know any better) , I seamed shockingly ( didn't know any better about that either). The bottom rolls up.

It is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too big. I could fit me and Miss B and probably C in there too.
The yarn is lovely and soft ( and cost me more than I could really afford at the time).

It has been sitting lonely in the bottom of my wardrobe because I couldn't face the disaster it was. I wasn't ready to undo all that bad seaming and start over. I was trying to say it's not that bad. It's only a little bit big.


In defiant kidsilk haze avoidance tactics............. this is what happened.

And then this happened

Miss B's Orange socks were done.

And because Bliss made me go all gooey over her puppies........ Yes Bliss I AM blaming you :)
This came home with me.

I love her.
She doesn't run off with my yarn.
She doesn't sit on my knitting projects or in yarn boxes.
The other cats aren't jealous in the slightest.
She doesn't cost anything to feed
And best of all she doesn't stink up the cat litter

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