Thursday, February 02, 2006

Finished Opal Chameleon Socks

I started with this

And ended with these

And poor Kit got woken up and wanted to see what was finished.

I'm really not happy with these socks, actually no the socks are fine, it's the yarn. It isn't very soft and the stripes are nowhere near matching up.
The dark green stripe near the gusset was a lot shorter on the second sock than on the first. A lot shorter. There was no break or knot in the yarn, it was just mis-dyed. I could have cut the yarn and joined it later to make them match, but it just seemed like a lot of work for a pair of socks I am just not loving. I figure that having spent the money on striping sock yarn that it should stripe how it says it will without me having to cut it and fiddle about with it.

I did love Lynne's comment yesterday regarding my frogpond knits. "Off with their heads" LOL It's probably what I should have been saying as I was rescuing my needles. And the yarn has found a new home with Miss B. Just because I think it's ugly and scratchy doesn't mean she does.

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