Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blue Cami

Firstly I was bad, I didn't swatch. Luckily my guage must have been pretty close for once because the cami fits.

Secondly I have a really really long torso. I kind of knew this but hadn't realized exactly how much I would need to add to the pattern.I was worried about running out of yarn so I only added an extra couple of cm to allow for this and really could have added a couple more. I like my tops to overlap my pants a little and not only just meet them. I actually ended up with a whole ball of yarn left over........ blah.

I'd also like the waist shaping at the bottom to be a little more gradual, it kind of just goes blah suddenly.

Thirdly it's sparkly. Ummmmmmm very sparkly. I'm not sure I'll ever wear it sparkly.

Fourthly, I had a lot of fun making this and have learnt a lot about my owm preferences, so definately worth the knit. Besides it was a quick knit and you got to love that :)

So no I'm not going to re knit it and add the lenght I would need. I am just going to put it aside and wait for Miss B to try and claim it, pretend I don't want her to have it.... and secretly giggle as she sneaks off with it ;)


Sharon said...

Oh that is lovely, I am not a sparkly person either, but I would wear that.

knittydoll said...

I'm a non-gauger too :) Sometimes it feels like a (lame) rebellion, at other times (most of the time) it seems like it would have been a good idea. Luuuurve the sparkle.