Saturday, February 04, 2006

Kidsilk Haze 1 Knitter 0

Kidsilk haze is a pain in the butt. I appologize to all of you out there that love it, but right now I don't.
It is mean and sneaky and doesn't let me see what I am doing. It waits till I have cast on 299 stitches and recount them to make sure. It says 298. I count again, it says 297. I count again 299. ARGH.
I knit the first row and must have had the stitch count right , it went fine. Purl the second row , also fine.
Ok this thin yarn on biggish needles isn't so bad

Knit third row and am two stitches short........ somewhere in that long, long row I have stuffed up. Lost track of where I was up to and been momentarily distracted. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!
And with this yarn I can't seem to see what I have knitted, was it a y fwd or k2 tog or is it just a heap of pretty fluff. Bad lighting probably doesn't help.
Rip back to cast on row.

Repeat all of the above.
For some unknown reason I seem to loose concentration somewhere in the middle of the third row and for last night at least could not get past that point.

Time to give the kidsilk some space, maybe it just doesn't like the heat, and work on the blue tank.

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Rachael said...

I know that recount recount feeling - annoying. I usually put a stitch marker every 20/30/50 stitches to make the recount easier and/or to identify the problem area - could be worthwhile until you get a bit more weight which will stop the stitches moving around as much up on the needles. Get back to it when you can enjoy it!