Monday, February 13, 2006


I tried blogging on Friday but Blogger was hungry and ate my post.

My whole computer seems to be going nuts at the moment and I can't open my mail. I guess I'll have to wait till I get to class later in the week and read it there.

Speaking of mail......... I got two packages on Friday.

One from
Rachael which included some bluebell I wanted to match up with some odd balls I had here. Thanks so much Rachael.

And because she knows how badly I count she included some stitch markers and a row counter, YAY!!! Maybe I can count to 299 now :)

And from Yarnsgalore I got my super long addi needle and another 30cm one for socks. I was one short as I had given one to my Mum

The long needle is to start this total craziness. Craziness being some kind of blanket/ throw thingy where I just keep adding all the odd balls of pink and purple yarn till it is big enough or I go crazy. I will probably change my mind on this one but for now I am just playing about with it.

Kit says she doesn't care just turn the light off and let her sleep.


Sharon said...

I like the sound of the pink/purple blanky thingy. I have seen something similar once that was in all shades of blue, lovely.

Rachael said...

If your computer is down, does this mean there will be more time for knitting?