Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blue Hands

The Blue Cami is growing nicely. The problem I am having is the blue dye coming off on my hands. The yarn is designed to fade or so it says on the label. I have no problem with that. I just didnt realise it was going to fade before I even finished making it and transfer its colour all over me.

I am wondering if it will end up being wearable as a garment once it's completed or wether I will turn blue if I even think about trying it on.

The picture makes it look black and sparkly , when really it is blue and sparkly.

The yarn is elle True Blue pure indigo dyed cotton.


Now that I've read the label properly it says:

Colour sets after the second wash.

May discolour hands when being knit up.

Well not only does it discolour hands it also dicolours keyboards due to typing with discoloured hands.


Sharon said...

Oh the dreaded blue hands, I am working on a Rowan Denim Cotton at the moment and that is the one thing I HATE about it, so I know where you are coming from.

Pamela Lee said...

Thanks for the warning about the indigo Elle 'True Blue' yarn. I had been under the impression from comments I'd read elsewhere that, as well as being a lot more affordable, the blue hand problem wasn't nearly as bad with the Elle 'True Blue' as it is with the Rowan 'Denim', but from what you've written here, it appears I'll need to be every bit as careful with this yarn when I get around to working with it.