Wednesday, February 01, 2006

On saying goodbye

It's time to finally say goodbye to two knits that have been sitting in the sidebar being totally ignored the whole time I have had this blog. The blue jumper and Miss B's Blue jumper. Different yarns, different blues but both in incredibly cheap, acrylic, scratchy yarn started when I totally doubted my ability to read a pattern correctly. Both were hideous and never photographed. ( Some things you just don't want proof of)

It's time to be honest and admit that not only do I not want to knit them, but that I will NEVER knit them. Putting them on the list of ufo's did nothing to inspire me to work on them. It just increased the guilt I felt for not touching them.
But knitting is meant to be fun and I want to work on things I enjoy and with yarn that feels nice. So bye bye blue guilt inducing jumpers. They are no longer on the list, they are no longer in existence and I have some more needles back in the stash.

Now why didn't I just do that before? I feel so much better :)

1 comment:

Lynne said...

Off with their heads! (or at least your two knits have gone to the frog pond) Are you going to send the yarn off to the salvos too?
Looks like some good things are happening in your life eg getting your mum back. That is so excellent!